29 March 2009


The sour plum drink eliminates toxic from your body and aids in digestion.  What better way to quench your thirst in this scorching weather.

Boil water in a medium size pot.  Add in handful of hawthorns, 4-5 pieces of liquorice roots, 4 dried sour plums and rock sugar when water boils.  Boil liquid in low fire for 1/2 an hour.  Switch off fire and cover pot till tea becomes cold.  Refrigerate to drink or serve it with ice.

Hawthorn is a bright red edible fruit that looks like tiny apple and is often candied as snack, especially love by children.  It is aromatic and sweet and sour in taste.  It is a herb that improves peripheral circulation and stabilizes the heart rate, blood pressure and coronary blood flow.  It acts as a diuretic and an antioxidant.

Dried sour plum is an appetizer and aids in digestion.

Liquorice root is sweet and neutral in nature.  It tonifies the Qi in the internal organs, expels heat, detoxifies and relieves cough.  It treats fatigue, sore throat or food poisoning.  It also moistens the lung and moderates the action of other herbs.  It works as an acid neutralizer and soothes stomach ache, has healing effect for inflammation and allergy.

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