03 February 2016


Kazakhstan has a well-articulated culture based on the nomadic pastoral economy of the inhabitants.  Today's Kazakhstan is a modern culture, thriving in the post-Soviet era. The traditional Kazakh lifestyle has blended with influences from Western societies, as well as those from Kazakhstan's Russian and Chinese neighbors.

The traditional Kazakh dwelling is the yurt, a tent consisting of a flexible framework of willow wood covered with varying thicknesses of felt.  The interior of the yurt has ritual significance; the right side is generally reserved for men and the left for women.  But nowadays modern world their dwellings are built with bricks.

A great variety of different decorations - great applications, patches were used on clothing, headwear, footwear. Carnelian, coral, pearl, pearl, coloured glass were used to decorate gold, silver, copper, bronze jewellery of women.  Earrings, flat and wrought bracelets and rings were extremely beautiful. Rings depending on their traditional forms have specific names, such as a Bird's beak ring. Belts - a compulsory element of both male and female clothing - were decorated especially: it was ornamented with embroidery; silver badges were sewn on it.

Kazakh national clothes are characterized by common forms for all segments of the population  Elegance and beautiful elements to dresses were given by fur trim, embroidery, jewelry.  Traditional materials for the clothes were leather, fur, thin felt, cloth, which was produced by the local population.  Clothes sewn from imported materials - silk, brocade, velvet, were a kind of measure of wealthiness of their owners.  Cotton was also widely used.

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