04 April 2014


To enjoy a smoke-free bbq 8 KOREAN BBQ is a nice place to go for although a bit pricey.  There is no after smell on your body after the meal.  The restaurant is located at The Central with nicely spaced refined dining area, line with sleek sturdy tables and cushioned stools with removable lid to store your bags and belongings.

S$98 8 Colors Set belly pot is a specialty with custom-made wooden tray displaying 8 cuts of marinated Berkshire USA pork with complimentary home-made banchan, seafood bean paste stew and scorched rice soup.  Every piece is marinated in different flavors - original ginseng, wine, garlic, herb, red pepper paste, miso and curry

Nice equal size belly pork sizzling on the grill

Prima quality beef slices ready for the grill

Well-trained staff will help to grill the meat to precise doneness while you sit back to enjoy your food and drinks and nimble on the variety of Banchan served

Wrapping the delicious smoky meat  with lettuce leaves and eating it in one single mouthful

Slurping up a bowl of rice in spicy seafood bean paste soup brimming with mussels, cabbage and tofu to cleanse the palate

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