24 March 2013


Always bypassed this tiny Thai eating place when hunting for eating places along East Coast Road.  It was always crowded and decided to give it a try one evening.

The place is small with tables and chairs tightly packed.  There is not much free space to move around after settling down.  There are many takeaways thus making the place crowded and noisy.  Patience is needed as they are short of manpower.

Fiery papaya salad to go with cups of water

Assam prawns a great dish to go with bowls of rice

Tasty kangkong fried with preserved bean curds and chilli padi

Creamy and fragrant green curry

Fried beancurd with tanghoon in vinegar sauce

A great sauce for the beancurd and tanghoon

The food is good and cheap.  It is value for money although you have to put up with the noise, crowd and long waiting time.

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