24 February 2013


We proceeded to the plum garden after lunch and passed by an impressive red bridge.

Cihmu Bridge (Loving Mother Bridge) was built to honor an aboriginal mother who waited for his son, who was drowned in the rapid river.  She waited for him by the river everyday for him to come back.  The bridge has a conspicuous Chinese style design in red color, with railings at each side made of pure marbles and two marble Chinese lion sculptures at each end.  Adjacent to the bridge, visitors may find two pavilions; Zhimu Pavilion (the Loving Mother Pavilion) and Lan Pavilion (Orchid Pavilion), that were established by the old presidents, Chiang, Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo, to commemorate their mothers.

There are hundreds of plum trees covered with large quantity of plum blossoms with good scents.  The plum blossom is in full bloom every year from December till January and February of the following year.

A magnificent scene from the top of the hilltop pagoda

Hualien is situated at eastern coast of the Pacific Ocean.  After a long day tour relaxed by the beach and enjoyed the sea breeze and smell of the sea.

Squabbling!  What a day to do it.

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