19 May 2012


Hashma known as snow jelly is the fat extracted from body part of fallopian tubes of the Chinese forest frog, which resides in China's Chang Bai Mountain region.  It survives on wild mountain fruits and insects and stays at the bottom of the river for up to five months during the winter period.  Hence it is also known as the Snow Frog due to its resistance to the winter coldness.

Hashma comes as irregular flat pieces and flakes. 

They are yellowish-white in color with a matte lustre. 

The dried hashma when re-hydrated can expand up to 10-15 times in size.

Double-boil with rock sugar and almond milk to create a glutinous texture and opaque color.  

Soak 350gm almond in water and remove almond skin.  Grind almond into meal and boil in hot water till milky (put almond meal into coffee bag).  When cold squeeze out as much milk and double boil almond milk with hashma and rock sugar over low fire for 2 hours.

Regular consumption of hashma will helps replenishing vital essence in the lungs & kidneys, improving skin complexion and improve production of red blood cells.  It is also prescribed to treat respiratory symptoms as coughing and night sweats.

Young children are not recommended to take too much as the high contents of hormones might cause puberty to begin early.

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