09 September 2011


Life is so unpredictable.  My father died shortly after discovered with lung cancer 3 months ago in June. Before he was healthy and go about his carefree life until he had his fall.  When the hospital did a CT scan on his head it was shown his brain was invested with white spots.   The spots were confirmed stage 4 carcinoma which spread from his lungs.  He underwent 3 rounds of light chemotherapy and was given six-months to live, which was not to be.  

It was a blessing that he did not suffer any pain.   He was having breathing difficulty and hospitalized on his last days.  He went into coma and slipped away in the morning on Saturday 3rd at 11.28 am with his children and grand-children by his side.

During those busy days cooking was impossible and meals were taken in the hospital.  At Singapore General Hospital Coffee & Toast Cafe the food is flavorful although a bit costly for the public.  

Chicken Rendang Nasi - A big chicken drumstick with thick curry gravy and santan fragrance, accompany with acar and fried anchovies & peanuts.

Thick chicken curry with huge potatoes and egg plants

Sweet sourish mee-siam to whet your appetite

Laksa in excellent gravy with huge fresh cockles and tau-pok.  Biting into the tau-pok opens the flood of laksa gravy which is irresistible.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear your lost. It must be so hard to see a close family member could leave us so suddenly. I am very close to my father who was an excellent cook growing up. I learned a lot of classic Chinese dishes from him through years of observation. Since living in US for the past 20 years, I only wish I could cook more for him….

    I always enjoy reading your blog. When I am on the road and can't get decent Chinese food, I would turn into your blog to see where you have been and what cool dishes you have prepared for your family.

    I have heard there is a huge F1 convention happening in your area. Hope there will be some yummy food. Keep up the great work and I will check back soon!