18 December 2010


Make burger for lunch instead of eating at fast food joint which is unhealthy and non-nutritious.

I never like to take my children to MacDonald or Burger King when they were young and they grew up of not having the habit of patronizing fast food joint whenever they crave for food.
Marinate shabu shabu pork with Yakitori sauce and grill over high heat for 5 mins.
Fry omelette with half-cook egg yolk & bacon till crispy and set aside.

Saute onions till soft and add in fresh mushrooms.  Season with sugar and a pinch of salt.  Add in bacon and dish aside. 

Toast bun and spread with mayonnaise.  Top with shabu shabu pork.

Pile mushroom fillings on the pork

Top with an egg

Top another layer of shabu shabu pork if you are a meat-eater.  Garnish with tomotoes.

Wholesome burger

A satisfying meal

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